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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable unit in Financial Reporting & Operations assists University departments that extend credit to external customers for the sale of goods and services.  The Accounts Receivable unit provides the following services:

  • centralized invoicing to external customers,
  • processing and application of payments, and
  • management of collection efforts for unpaid invoices.

University departments with questions about Accounts Receivable's services can obtain further information by visiting the "University Unit" page.

External customers with questions about payments, disputed charges or collections activity can obtain further information by visiting the "External Customer" page.

Note:  The University's central Accounts Receivable unit does not assist with interdepartmental billings, Medical Center patient billings, or with student charges.

  • Student debt-related questions should be directed to the Student Financial Services Call Center:  (434) 982-6000
  • Medical Center debt-related questions should be directed to Patient Financial Services:  (434) 924-5376

General AR Inquiries:                         Mailing Address:
Phone:  (434) 924-7180                                           University of Virginia
Fax:  (434) 924-1034                                               ATTN:  Accounts Receivable
Email:                                        PO Box 400201
                                                                               Charlottesville, VA 22904

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