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Bill Define Director of Financial Operations
(434) 243-5592

Bill Define, Director of Financial Operations

  • Provides leadership, direction and management of the University’s financial operation functions including:

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Investment Accounting

    • Operational Contracting

    • Payment Card Services

    • Tax Compliance

    • Unclaimed Property

Thomas Schneeberger Director of Financial Reporting
(434) 982-0153

Thomas Schneeberger, Director of Financial Reporting

  • Provides leadership, direction and management of the University’s financial accounting and reporting functions including:

    • Accounting Services

    • Debt Accounting

    • Fixed Assets Accounting

  • Monitors, evaluates, and implements current and future Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) reporting standards.

  • Prepares the University's annual financial report

    • Serves as the liasion for the annual APA audit

  • Conducts instituational reporting (IPEDs Finance Survey, Quarterly BOV reports, etc.)

June Seay State Accountant
(434) 924-4207

June Seay, State Accountant

  • Manages the University's unclaimed property process

  • Collects departmental ST-9A forms to remit Virginia Sales Tax

  • Processes Cardinal (State) Accounting System entries
Wanda Breeden Assistant Director for Investment Services
(434) 924-4208

Wanda Breeden, Assistant Director for Investment Services

  • Creates DR Awards for Restricted-Gift funds and ER Awards for Endowment funds

  • UVIMCO Long-Term Pool (LTP) Investment Accounting

  • Processes Bi-annual Endowment Spending Distribution

  • Manages the Gift & Endowment ImageNow System

  • Oversees Fundriver (University's Endowment Management Software)

Lisa Layne Manager of Plant Accounting
(434) 924-4283

Lisa Layne, Manager of Plant Accounting

  • Analyzes and processes accounting entries for Building-related assets

    • Construction in Process (CIP) updates with Facility Management

  • Records gifted equipment

  • Reviews Fixed Assets-related cost transfers

  • Prepares Fixed Assets Financial Reporting

  • Reconciles Fixed Assets General Ledger object codes

Gary Young Director of Fixed Assets
(434) 924-4284

Gary Young, Director of Fixed Assets

  • Responsible for the accounting, internal control, and financial reporting of UVA's $3B in Fixed Assets
Mike Williams Capital Equipment Inventory Specialist
(434) 924-4209

Mike Williams, Capital Equipment Inventory Specialist

  • Conducts the annual Fixed Assets inventory process

  • Scans and update Fixed Assets inventory to maintain proper data

  • Reviews and approves all capital asset surplus requests

Yvonne Metheny Accounting and Financial Analyst
(434) 924-1456

Yvonne Metheny, Accounting and Financial Analyst

  • GL & GM Administrator/Approver

    • Reviews requests for new Object Codes

    • Reviews requests for new Expenditure Types

    • Closes Integrated System Projects & Awards

  • Manages Fundriver system setup (University's Endowment Management Software)

  • Conducts post-audit reviews

Tim Lingo Operational Contract & Tax Administrator
(434) 924-4024

Tim Lingo, Operational Contract & Tax Administrator

  • Student Placement Internship Contracts

  • Service Activity Contracts

  • General Tax Questions

Mohammed Eitta Equipment Specialist
(434) 924-0805

Mohammed Eitta, Equipment Specialist

  • Reviews and processes all new Capital Equipment spending activity for capitalizing assets

    • This process Includes tagging assets

  • Ensures proper accounting for Fixed Assets by reviewing and validating expenditure types used for new purchases

Joyce Gredler Capital Equipment Accountant
(434) 924-4323

Joyce Gredler, Capital Equipment Accountant

  • Oversees day-to-day ETF spending activity

  • Prepares ETF cost transfers

  • Reviews and approves all capital equipment purchase requisitions

  • Assists in tagging and processing new assets

Jacob Mair Financial Reporting Analyst
(434) 243-8802

Jacob Mair, Financial Reporting Analyst

  • Assists in the financial reporting function of the University and primarily responsible for the preparation of annual and quarterly financial statements and footnotes

  • Analyzes current and future Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) pronouncements and assists in their implementation

  • Serves as alternate contact for external auditors

  • Assists in other institutional reporting (IPEDs Survey, other ad-hoc reporting and analysis)

Richard Carter Debt Accountant
(434) 924-4202

Richard Carter, Senior Debt Accountant

  • Processes accounting entries for University debt, including both external debt and internal loans to departments

  • Manages Internal Investment Program (IIP) accounting and quarterly interest distribution

  • Reviews and releases non-capital expenditure type cost transfers

  • Reviews and post UVA Transfer GL journal entries (89xx transfer object codes)

  • Creates LP Awards for Local Plant funds


Logan Hobbs University Tax Manager
(434) 924-1377

Logan Hobbs, Foreign National Tax Analyst

  • Prepares and issues individual Form 1042-S

  • Reviews payments to foreign individuals and business

    • Ensures correct tax withholdings are applied to payments to foreign entities when necessary

  • Assists the payroll department with determining appropriate tax rates for foreign national employees

  • Assists foreign nationals with U.S. tax related questions

Steve Marciniak Sr. Payment Card Compliance Analyst
(434) 924-4362

Ruth Parcells, Sr. Payment Card Compliance Analyst

  • Implements payment card processing solutions, meeting departmental needs while adhering to PCI compliance standards

  • Provides reporting tools to assist with tracking and reconciling payment card transactions

  • Conducts PCI compliance training

Split V Mila Demchynk Savage Financial Analyst
Andrew Moomaw Accounts Receivable Manager

Andrew Moomaw, Accounts Receivable Manager

  • Oversees activity processed in the Integrated System Accounts Receivable module

    • Invoicing questions, payment applications, daily mailings, and collections efforts

  • Records daily Bank of America ACH and Wire receipts for departmental revenue

  • Reports the University's Accounts Receivable balances through the Department of Account (DOA) system

Kristie Sojka Bank Reconciliation Accountant

Vacant, Bank Reconciliation Accountant

  • Daily reconciliation of University’s local bank cash and credit card accounts

  • Oracle GL adjusting journals (postings and corrections)

  • State Auditor liaison for questions related to local cash

Lorraine Keuling Senior Accountant
Kathryn McGovern Senior Accountant