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Carruthers Hall

From "Controller" to Financial Reporting & Operations

In the new organizational structure, the former “Controller” area will now be called “Financial Reporting & Operations.” Management of the new unit will be shared between Thomas Schneeberger, Director of Financial Reporting, and Bill Define, Director of Financial Operations.  Read the full story here.

Jefferson Tablet

Better Insight Into Donor Intent

Nearly 6500 files have been scanned and moved to a new system that can be accessed and searched electronically, providing unprecedented access for schools and units into their own gift and endowment accounts.  In the past, when departments or units had questions about restrictions relating to an endowment or a gift, they’d have to ask Wanda Breeden in investment accounting for help. Then Wanda would get her keys and head down to the Carruthers Hall basement (the “dungeon”) to research the question.  Instead of drawers full of meticulous paper files, everything is now online and easy to access. Schools and units will have the ability to look at their own documents only.  Each file contains gift agreements, the checks that created them, and all related documentation.  Read the full story here and check out the Investment Accounting webpage for more information on gaining system access.

UVA Scott Stadium

FR&O Welcomes New Staff

Financial Reporting & Operations is pleased to announce that Kimberly Smith has joined the Financial Reporting Team in the role of Senior Accountant.  Read more about Kimberly here.

Jacob Mair comes to UVA from the Auditor of Public Accounts in Richmond, joining FR&O in the role of Financial Reporting Analyst.  Read more about Jacob here.

Financial Reporting & Operations is pleased to welcome Logan Hobbs, formerly of UVA HR, to their team, where he will continue his work as a foreign national tax analyst.  Read more about Logan here. 

Richard Carter has joined the Financial Reporting and Operations team in the role of Senior Debt Accountant.   Read more about Richard here.

Fiscal Administrator Meetings

Fiscal Administrator Meetings are held at 10am at Newcomb Hall in the South Meeting Room

Nov 20

10:00 am

Dec 11

10:00 am

Jan 15

10:00 am

Feb 19

10:00 am

Mar 18

10:00 am