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Provost Contracts

Academic program agreements are contracts between the University and another institution or organization to establish a joint educational program, a collaborative academic relationship such as a student exchange, or a research activity unrelated to sponsored research.  These agreements are processed and signed by the Provost’s Office in coordination either with Financial Operations or, in the case of research-related agreements, the Office of Sponsored Programs. For more information on Academic Program Agreements, please refer to the Policy FIN-035: Academic Approval and Signature Authority for Academic Program Agreements.

The Provost’s Office has established guidelines for review, documentation and signature of common types of academic program agreements. Please note that these agreements require a letter of support from the Dean of the sponsoring University school or academic unit.

Broadly speaking, academic program agreements can be divided into three major categories:

  1. International agreements which are managed through the International Studies Office
  2. Domestic academic program agreements which are managed by the Provost’s and Financial Operations offices. 
  3. Research-related academic program agreements which are managed by the Provost’s Office and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Below are some common academic program agreements. This list is not exhaustive, however, as any agreement that establishes a substantial academic relationship between the University and another entity is considered an academic program agreement. If uncertain as to whether a particular agreement qualifies, please consult either this office or the Provost’s Office.

International Agreements:
Academic Agreements: